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סדנאות פריסבי לעובדים, חוגי פריסבי לילדים

Shravit​ teaching LTD

Shravit teaching is our parent company that provides us with logistical support, office management services, and administration. But more than that, it provides us with fertile ground for development, consultation, and partnerships.
Shravit teaching is a company specializing in the development of enrichment programs and training of instructors, serving as the parent company for the FreshUltimate and the Story and Game Company.

סדנאות פריסבי לעובדים, חוגי פריסבי לילדים

Ultimate Peace

Ultimate Peace is a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote peace through the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. The organization runs an annual program of Ultimate Frisbee training in several settlements in the country.
The collaboration between Ultimate Peace and Ultimate Frisbee is reflected in organizing tournaments in cooperation with all Ultimate Frisbee players in the country. Additionally, Ultimate Peace holds an annual summer training camp, where many Ultimate Frisbee players participate every year. Both organizations share the common goal of promoting the sport in the country, and their collaboration contributes to the growth of both organizations.

סדנאות פריסבי לעובדים, חוגי פריסבי לילדים

Sport & Spine Physiotherapy

Sport & Spine Physiotherapy is a leading private physiotherapy institute established in 1995. The institute specializes in treating orthopedic problems, sports injuries, and muscle and skeletal pain. The center focuses on private treatment, adhering to international standards, providing comprehensive, fast, and professional service to its clients. Additionally, the institute conducts movement assessments for athletes through video, surveys for dancers and musicians, and ergonomic assessments for workers and factories. Through these assessments, a personalized and specific preventive or rehabilitation program is tailored to the patient.

סדנאות פריסבי לעובדים, חוגי פריסבי לילדים


Xdisc is a manufacturer of flying discs.
Xdisc is a versatile disc suitable for a variety of frisbee games.

סדנאות פריסבי לעובדים, חוגי פריסבי לילדים

Israeli Flying Disc Association

IFDA is the official body representing the Frisbee disciplines in Israel to the authorities.
It also organizes official events:
National Youth and Adult Cup
Israel National Teams (Men, Women, and Youth)
IFDA works together with Ultimate Frisbee and organizes joint tournaments and events.

סדנאות פריסבי לעובדים, חוגי פריסבי לילדים

Frisbee Rob

Frisbee Rob, the International Frisbee Training Corporation.
The corporation was founded by Robert McLeod, a world champion and Guinness World Record holder in Ultimate Frisbee residing in Canada.
In the summer of 2018, together with Rob, we produced the Crossing Continents Ultimate Training Project, which included training thousands of children and hundreds of adults across the country, culminating in an international youth competition in France where Rob actively participated in coaching and training the Israeli youth teams.
Today, our teams are working together on future developments and additional projects to promote Frisbee and the fun of the game.

סדנאות פריסבי לעובדים, חוגי פריסבי לילדים

Pura Vida Retreats

A combination of extreme sports experience full of adrenaline alongside a vacation full of rest, peace, and tranquility, in magnificent destinations of beauty!
The beauty of the sea is that it welcomes everyone, and if you are attentive and open enough, it gives you what you need.

סדנאות פריסבי לעובדים, חוגי פריסבי לילדים

The Israeli Frisbee Promotion Association in Tel Aviv

The Israeli Frisbee Promotion Association in Tel Aviv Operates to promote and develop a successful and popular Frisbee community in Tel Aviv and the surrounding area. The association conducts workshops, training for youth and adults, competitions, events, and conferences.

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