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Our vision

Fresh Disc Sports aims to be the leading center in Israel for Frisbee culture.
To achieve this, we provide training services, establish competitive teams for a variety of ages for both men and women, create a vibrant community of players, and a place that feels like home to them. We work to create a professional and leading community of players in the field of ultimate frisbee, based on professional and unique coaching, personal attention to each player, and encouragement of perseverance, leading players to excellence in various frisbee disciplines.
Fresh serves as a fertile ground for personal and group development. We encourage initiative and leadership under the spirit of the game of Ultimate, "Spirit", and aspire to fulfill players' dreams - to excel.

Our history


Fresh is a school for Ultimate Arts. Today, the school mainly focuses on coaching Ultimate and Freestyle on a regular basis. The school was founded in 2009 by Yarden Burkove, the school's manager. At its inception, the school was named "Ultimate Ra'anana," but over the years, the school expanded its services and activities to other cities, and it was decided to change the name to Fresh Disc Sports.
Shortly after its founding, Avner Betet and Ofek Agmon joined the team (initially, each member of the team coached teams and managed the ongoing activities).

How the First Team Started in 2009

In the middle schools in Ra'anana, there was a program called "School Sports Club" for the 7th and 8th grades. As part of the program, each child chose a sport in which to train two hours a week throughout the year (Ultimate was added to the program in 2003). The first teams in the middle schools were coached by Yakir Ratner, Dori Yaniv, and Asaf Levi (the first coaches of the founders of Fresh and the fathers of Ultimate in Israel).

During the period following the establishment of the school, there was one team in Ra'anana that trained regularly. The team consisted of students from 4 middle schools in Ra'anana who wanted to take Ultimate to the next level and trained in Park Ra'anana and Sportek Ra'anana.

Growth of Additional Teams

Every year, more players joined, and new youth teams were formed, including Disc Devils, Mondays, and Inglorious BastArds, who competed against each other in the "Ra'anana Ultimate" league every month. Next, advanced teams were formed that provided a professional framework for our veteran players, including NewAge, Grizzly Bears, and new teams for newcomers, such as Disc Tigers, Monkey Mates.
Expansion of Activities Outside Ra'anana
In parallel with the significant development in Ra'anana, we began to integrate our activities (whether it be school clubs, afternoon training sessions, or camps and clinics) into other cities in the country. The activities in schools expanded significantly, and new groups were opened throughout the country. The first team that started training in the afternoons outside Ra'anana was the Hercules team, which mainly consists of players from the Kiryat Ono and Ganei Tikva areas.

Expansion of the Coaching and Instruction Staff

With the growth in the number of players and training sessions, there was a need to expand the coaching staff. Among the new coaches are also our players - boys from the leading teams who developed and grew with us in Fresh - who decided they wanted to help promote the sport in the country and join our coaching staff.

Fresh Ultimate operates in various locations in the country - Ra'anana, Ganei Tikva, Kiryat Ono, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Kfar Saba, Kochav Yair, Tzur Yigal, Kiryat Motzkin, and Ramat Hasharon. Every year there is a respectable representation of Ultimate players in the adult and youth national teams flying abroad to represent Israel, and the coaching staff of these teams also includes Ultimate coaches. There are over 100 players who train regularly in youth teams afternoons and about 500 children who train in Ultimate in schools and various middle schools throughout the country every week.



​Spirit of the game

What is Spirit?

Spirit of the Game (SOTG) is the most important rule in various Ultimate disciplines. Basically, Spirit is similar to "fair play," meaning adherence to the rules of the game and recognition of them. Spirit is based on all players obeying the rules of the game and not trying to cheat or lie to win, but there is much more to "sportsmanship" in the concept of Spirit. Spirit is what sets the Ultimate discipline apart from other sports. This can be seen in the behavior of the players, the nature of the tournaments and competitions, the connection between players and communities, sportsmanlike behavior on and off the field, and many other areas. When talking about Spirit, the reference is to mutual respect between players and teams, integrity, and fairness during the game. Spirit connects players from different teams and even different countries - every Ultimate framework always opens its doors to new players and guests. Contrary to what people think, Spirit encourages competitiveness, the desire to win, and "give everything on the field" - all while maintaining the values of fairness and mutual respect in sports. A good example of Spirit is the fact that Ultimate is a sport that is conducted without referees, meaning, the players make the calls on the field (for example, Foul, Traveling, or Fast Count). After the call, there is a discussion about what happened - sometimes the player who made the call regrets it and decides he was wrong, and sometimes there is an agreement on the call, and the game proceeds accordingly. In fact, the game is played with self-refereeing, even at the highest levels (World Championships and various tournaments).


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