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Events and Activities for Kids

Workshops for Camps and Schools - Frisbee Xtreme

An experiential workshop where we explore the world of Frisbee. We will learn to throw the flying disc, master the secrets of professional Frisbee, how to catch correctly, and also get to know the values of the spirit of the game.
In addition to a single day event, you can also book a course where every day/week, the campers will meet our instructor and continue to progress in the world of Frisbee.

hat does the Frisbee Xtreme workshop include?

Each workshop begins with a brief display of a variety of different throws presented by our training team. After arousing the curiosity and desire of the campers, we will start with games that will develop the campers' catching skills and confidence. Next, we will incorporate the basic throwing skills such as the "backhand" and practice accuracy and shots to a professional Frisbee basket (Discgolf basket).
Once the campers have acquired the basic catching and throwing skills, it's time to move on to the highlight of the workshop! The highlight game will be tailored to the children according to their age and the conditions of the area allocated for the activity, including a variety of games such as DDC, Disctag, Discathon, Balance King, Ultimate, Freestyle, Discgolf, and Monkeys War.
For more information about these Frisbee branches, click here.To book the workshop

Frisbee Baseball Workshop | Baseball - Flying Disc

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in America, so we've created a super version of the game called Frisbee Baseball. It's an innovative game that combines several principles from baseball but is played with a Frisbee, creating an ultimate experience.
Imagine throwing the Frisbee high and far, running like a professional player, passing the first base, the second, and reaching the third base. Should you continue to the finish line to score double points? Or maybe stop to avoid being disqualified because the defense team is returning the Frisbee to their base, the Jordan position? If the defense team catches you while you're outside the base, you'll be disqualified. Finally, you decide to continue running to the finish line to score the maximum points. You're running at an insane speed, accelerating! And there you are, you've reached the Frisbee before it and made a HOME RUN, scoring double points.

What does the workshop include?

Before the actual game, during the workshop, you will train on throws, accuracy, catching, and reading the flight of the Frisbee. Your team members will plan a winning strategy for both defense and offense.

What does the workshop provide?

Development and improvement of motor skills, decision-making under pressure, communication and judgment, and of course, team building and lots of fun that will be remembered for many years to come.
The workshop is suitable for children from the third grade and up, for birthdays, and class bonding activities.To book the workshop

Frisbee Activities & Shop Tel Aviv | Kids Activities

Sports Days for Schools - Frisbeoom

Flying Day - School Sports Days - Frisbeoom

If you haven't experienced an exciting and original sports day full of team building, fun, and teamwork through Frisbee, then it's time! Imagine a sports day that includes a variety of bonding games, fun, and teamwork, all through Frisbee, the flying disc. Throughout the day, you will be accompanied by a team of selected instructors, including leading players and coaches in Israel, and even national team coaches.

Frisbee Activities & Shop Tel Aviv | Kids Activities

During the day, the students will throw the Frisbee into a professional Discgolf basket, play an exciting game of balance, learn to perform Freestyle moves, play a thrilling "tag" game with a flying disc, learn to throw and catch the disc accurately like the professionals, interact with friends, and more. To energize everyone, our team will perform a short demonstration including a variety of throws, catches, and Freestyle moves that will leave you amazed, and even score a basketball hoop from a distance.
*The activity day can be held in 2 formats: competitive and non-competitive. In the competitive format, each class will receive a score, and at the end of the day, the winning class will be announced and awarded a souvenir from your flying day!
*Can be booked for individual grades
Sounds good? Instead of imagining such a day, leave your details and we will get back to you soon.

Performances and Activities for Birthday Parties

Freestyle Performances

Freestyle Frisbee is basically a combination of control of the disc with flexibility, coordination, and martial arts.

The Freestyle performance can be integrated into all types of events: upgrade family events, holidays, festivals and employees, picnics, team-building events, birthdays, warming-up performances, and any other event you choose.

 Frisbee Birthday

Come learn to fly the disc like the professionals and celebrate a birthday that you and all your friends will never forget! Competitions, bonding games, and company, an exciting cake ceremony, and an exciting Freestyle performance.

Image by Richard R. Schünemann

FDS Clubs
You can sign up for 3 clubs in one program, 3 different sports branches in one place!

Did you know that for over a decade, our training teams have been running training days, classes, and peak events within camps and schools during the big summer vacation?

We have trained over 30,000 children and teenagers during the summer vacation.

Our loyal customer base keeps coming back to us every year because Frisbee is simply loved by all kids.

Leave your details and our representative will get back to you with more details.


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