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Fresh Disc Sports 

We provide coaching services, establish competitive teams for a variety of ages for both men and women, and create a diverse community of players.

We aim to create a professional and leading community of players in the field of flying disc sports, based on international standards and founded on professional and unique coaching, personal attention to each player, and encouragement of perseverance, which will lead the players to excellence in various Frisbee disciplines.

Fresh Disc Sports serves as a fertile ground for personal and team development, encouraging initiative and leadership under the spirit of Frisbee - "Spirit".


Workshops for camps and Summer Schools - Extreme Frisbee A hands-on workshop where we explore the world of Frisbee. We will learn about the basics of throwing, catching, the spirit of the game, and try out a variety of games.

  Events and Activities for Kids  

Frisbee Baseball Workshop Baseball - Flying Disc

FrisbeeBase combines Frisbee and baseball to create the ultimate experience while working on endurance, teamwork, and of course, enjoyment.

Sports Days for Schools - Frisbee Day

A fun and original sports day consisting entirely of a variety of team-building and enjoyable Frisbee games. Throughout the day, you will be accompanied by a team of selected instructors, including the leading players and coaches in Israel.

Workshops for Camps and Schools - Frisbee Xtreme

An experiential workshop where we explore the world of Frisbee. We will learn to throw the flying disc, master the secrets of professional Frisbee, how to catch correctly, and also get to know the values of the spirit of the game.

FDS Clubs

A new hit has arrived in recent years in the country – Frisbee!
Frisbee sports (flying discs) include 10 branches of competitive more folk Frisbee games: Ultimate, Freestyle & Disc Golf.

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Birthday Activities

Come learn to throw a frisbee like the pros and celebrate a birthday you and all your friends will never forget!

Competitions, team-building games, and company

+ an exciting Cake ceremony

+ an impressive Freestyle show

Freestyle Frisbee is actually a combination of plate control with flexibility, coordination, and martial arts. The freestyle show can be integrated into all types of events. 

Contact us at 054-500-4646

Fresh Disc Sports |Israeli Frisbee HQ Your one stop shop for all flying disc sports and fun activities


Fresh Disc Sports team encourages excellence among its students and teachers in all disciplines, and we always aim for the highest level of performance.

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Fresh Disc Sports 

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