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You can sign up for 3 clubs in one program, 3 different sports branches in one place!

A new hit has arrived in recent years in the country – Frisbee!
Frisbee sports (flying discs) include 10 branches of competitive more folk Frisbee games.

In the club, we will train in the three major branches:
Ultimate - a competitive team sport developed inspired by American football. Ultimate is played without contact.
Freestyle - a combination of acrobatics, flexibility, and athleticism with controlling the disc.
Disc Golf - like golf but with discs instead of balls, hands instead of clubs, and special baskets instead of holes in the ground.

In Frisbee clubs, we will promote values, ethics, fairness in sports, teamwork, integrity, and mutual respect.
For example, Ultimate Frisbee sports are conducted without a referee, and every decision regarding conflicts in the game is resolved by the players themselves while striving for self-improvement and competitiveness.

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