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Our vision

Fresh Ultimate aims to become a leader in the Israeli Frisbee scene. We host activities for various events and provide training in a variety of age groups for men and women alike. We are working to create a diverse community of players, based on the foundations of unique professional training, support and personal attention to each and every player. We encourage initiative and leadership in our participants through Spirit of the Game. We hope to grow Israeli Frisbee to be bigger and better.

our history


Fresh Ultimate is a flying disc school mainly focused on ultimate frisbee and freestyle. The school was founded with the name "Ultimate Ra'anana" in 2009 by Yarden Borkow, the cofounder and manager of the school. Shortly after its establishment, Avner Batat and Ofek Agmon joined the leadership team to grow the school. After expansion into cities outside of Ra'anana, the school changed its name to "Fresh Ultimate."



How did the group start in 2009

Junior High schools in Ra'anana has a program called "school sports clubs," in which students participate throughout the year in a sports of their choice . Frisbee was included in the program since 2003 and was lead by the founding fathers of frisbee in Israel: Yakir Ratner, Dori Yaniv, and Assaf Levy. With the establishment of the school, a group of kids from 4 different schools gathered to practice regularly in Ra'anana. These kids wanted to take their ultimate frisbee skills to the next level, and were part of the beginning of a new age in the Israeli ultimate scene.

Initially, Ultimate Ra'anana recruited new players every year from the "school sports club" program to form new youth teams, and establish the first monthly "Ultimate Ra'anana" league. These teams were Disc Devils, Mondays, and Inglorious Bastards. With the continuous improvement of our players, we opened veteran teams such as Grizzly Bears and New Age, and new teams such as Disc Tigers started their first steps.



Expansion outside of Ra'anana

As the school established roots in Ra'anana, it moved beyond the borders of the city and made the transition from Ultimate Ra'anana to Fresh Ultimate. Fresh provided school activities, afternoon programs, training, and team practices around the country. The school activities program was very successful and Fresh Ultimate was able to become a part of many schools. The first team created outside of Ra'anana is Hercules. Hercules practices regularly and consist of players from Kiryat Ono and Gane'i Tikva. 

It became necessary to recruit and train more coaches as the school grew and included more and more schools, teams, and activities. The new coaches- passionate about the sport- became a part of the Fresh Ultimate team in order to promote the frisbee scene in Israel.



Fresh Ultimate is actively involved in several locations around the country - Ra'anana, Gane'i Tikva, Kiryat Ono, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Kvar Saba, Kochav Yair, Kiryat Motzkin, and Ramat Hasharon. Every year, Israeli delegations to Europe and other international tournaments include a substantial number- of both players and coaches- from our school. Currently, there are over 100 players who train on a regular basis and another 500 children who are part of school activies through Fresh Ultimate.

spirit of the game

What is spirit?

Spirit of the game (SOTG) is the most important rule in flying disc sports. It is similar to Fair Play and sportsmanship, but there is a much higher emphasis put on it in (Beach) Ultimate.

Actions such as intentional fouling, cheating, dangerous plays, disrespectful conversations, and other ‘win at all costs’ behaviour are contrary to the Spirit of the Game. Often a player is in a position where it is to his/her advantage to foul or commit some violation, but that player is morally bound to abide by the rules. The integrity of the sport depends on each player’s responsibility to uphold Spirit of the Game, and this responsibility should not be taken lightly.

As Ultimate is a self-refereed sport, maintaining Spirit of the Game is essential. Players must know the rules, be fair-minded and truthful, explain their viewpoint clearly and briefly, allow opponents a reasonable chance to speak and resolve disputes as quickly as possible, using respectful language.

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