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ACTIVITIES & workshops

Why us and why frisbee?

Fresh Ultimate specializes in producing events, executive workshops, days of fun and consolidation for all types of audiences and ages.

Our uniqueness is the use of the flying saucer - Frisbee.

The disc is a tool through which we communicate important messages such as teamwork, problem solving, thinking and building a winning strategy.

We will be happy to assist you with a special Frisbee activity that will meet your needs and leave all your guests longing for more...

private events and services


Learn how to successfully throw a frisbee while playing fun games to celebrate your special day!

Includes: disc games, contests, light-up freestyle show, and of course an exciting cake ceremony.



Freestyle is a performing art combining flexibility and precision with creative and acrobatic moves with a flying disc. Freestyle performance can be incorporated into any type of event from family gatherings to promotions.



If your school has not had a Frisbee Day for your sports day, you're missing out! Frisbee Day will be a day full of exciting and unique performances and variety of disc games. Our excellent coaches are from the top teams in Israel and will facilitate all the activities and events during the day (This option is also available for individual classes and groups outside of school).



Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the United States and many other countries. Frisbase combines baseball and Frisbee to create the ultimate fun involving teamwork, cardio workout, and fun!

Imagine throwing the disc far and run past first base like a pro. You continue on to second and third base. You are so close to the finish line but the defense has worked together to stop you at all costs. You accelerate, going at breakneck speed and manage to reach home base before the disc. HOME RUN! You won!


Experimental workshop learning all things disc related. Your group will learn the fundamentals of throwing, theory, and about the Spirit of the Game (SOTG). Other activities will expose your group to a variety of disc sports including Disc Tag, Discathon, and Double Disc Court (DDC).



Discgolf is like golf but a disc is used instead of a golf ball, hands are used instead of golf clubs, and special baskets are used instead of holes. It is becoming a popular sport among disc enthusiasts and a fun acitivity for all ages! This workshop is suitable for events with large open space areas like parks or forests. It is recommended for families and people looking for a sports workshop that does not require running.



This workshop will focus on developing concentration and coordination required in any sports team through a variety of exercises, drills, and games. In addition, we will also work on fundamental Ultimate skills: explosive power, changing direction, vertical jumps. Most importantly, the group will work together as a team to encourage teamwork and have fun.

Includes: DOGXtreme, Freestyle, Ultimate Frisbee



After countless hours sitting in the office in front of the computer screen, it's time to break the routine! Get out to the beach or the nearby park and learn the world of Frisbee with your office colleagues! This workshop includes various hands-on activites featuring Double Disc Court (DDC), Accuracy, Stomp the Chump, and more!



In modern times, even the small organizations can act as global entrepreneurs. These situations call for a super leader, who can think 10 steps ahead and motivate his or her team to perform at their best. This workshop was specifically designed with the super leaders in mind, focusing on organizational management skills. There will be individual tasks but the emphasis will be on leading a group to work together as a unit. Participants will develops skills on multi-tasking, strategic planning, setting and achieving goals. 

Includes: Team Challenge Games, Popcorn drill, and more.

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