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Yarden, founder of Fresh Ultimate,

showed great potential when he

started playing ultimate frisbee

in 2004. He flew to his first international tournament representing Israel in the Junior World Championships in 2006.

Since then he has participated in many tournaments in Israel and abroad as a player and a coach.

He has been coaching Israeli youth teams since 2011.


2011, 2012 - U17 Boys

2013 - U20 Boys

2014 - U20 Girls

fresh ceo and founder

YARDEN borkow

meirav joined the fresh team

in 2016 and has since changed

the face of the organization greatly,

focusing on it's management, business development, customer service and marketing.

administrative exec.

meirav ovadia


einat joined our family in 2017

and reshaped the school through

several optimization processes.

Many new customers have since joined the fresh school thanks to her hard work.

business dev. exec.

einat rave

Has been playing ultimate for

5 years.

current manager of our expanding

online store, check it out here.

online store manager

alon landman

Avner has been an active player

since 2004 and has competed with

the Israeli National Team at EUC 2007,

Paganello 2008, Windmill 2013 and 2014, WUCC 2014.


Also, he has coached the Israeli youth teams for 6 years. His life mottos are: "There is no magic in life, sports or ultimate.

"Ultimate is beyond just a sport, it's a way of life."

FRESH founder


Ofek began playing ultimate

as a 6th grader in 2004

with Frispact. From the beginning

his coach saw the potential and knew he would become a great player.

In 2006, he represented Israel in the World Junior Championships. Since then he has traveled all over Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy, UK) and to the USA to participate in freestyle and ultimate tournaments.

His claim to fame is that he came in 2nd in the European Freestyle Championships in 2011.

fresh founder

ofek agmon

has been playing ultimate for

5 years, currently part of the

disc-tigers, the israeli u20 team and

the open team "touchless".

head coach of "hercules" kiryat ono, as well as designer & manager of the fresh website.

check out other projects @polarified.

site creator & manager

itay chechik


has been playing freestyle

for 4 years. 

coaches elementary and middle

school kids, teaching them

the basics of disc sports to

assist them on their way to mastering

any sport of their choice.

head of freestyle

amir hoshen

has been involved in disc sports

for over 12 years. started out 

as an ultimate player in 2006,

yet is mainly playing freestyle

these days.

coached young ultimate teams in the past and is currently teaching new players at schools the basics to succeeding in any disc sports.

Freestyle coach

daniel pinhasov

has been playing ultimate

for 7 years.


has coached many national youth

teams since 2010.

Ultimate coach 

noam elyashar

has been playing ultimate

for 9 years.

A key figure in the community, 

joined the israeli national youth 

team in several championships abroad.

currently playing with the israeli

open team "touchless" and New age. 


yuval leibovici

has been playing ultimate for

8 years, mainly with "hucking 


coached for our school before

going into her service in the army. 


amit worcel

has been playing ultimate

for 9 years.

lead the israeli national

youth teams for several years,

currently playing with the israeli

open team "touchless" and New age. 


itay semo

has been playing ultimate

for 5 years. started at hakfar

hayarok and made his way from

the hercules to the tigers, until 

becoming captain in the 2018 season.

currently coaching the new pulldogs team in raanana along with or dabby. 


uri kedem

has been playing ultimate

for 6 years.

plays with the new-age,

israeli ultimate cup champions

since 2013, as well as with the open

team "touchless".


amir zohar

has been playing ultimate

for 3 years. 

currently helps coach the

pulldogs team in raanana along

with uri kedem, and is a leader

in the u17 men's national team. 

junior coach

or dabby

has been playing ultimate for

11 years. 

head coach of the disc tigers,

a youth team that has been part

of the ifda league for 3 years. 

coached the national u20 men's team in 2016 and the u17 men's team in 2018.

head of ultimate

yuval magid


has been playing disc sports 

for about 8 years.
His journey started with Ultimate
and then he got exposed to Disc golf


Today Yehuda is 2018 until 2021 Israeli disc golf Champion.


he Also took 7th place at Euro pro tour x- welsh open 2021 

Yehuda sponsored by momentum disc golf - a Swedish Disc golf manufacturer.

head of disc-golf

Yehuda shenvald

has been playing ultimate

for 10 years.

playing with the disc-tigers

for the past 2 years. coached for

4 years, before and while serving

in the army, tutoring new frisbee students at elementary and middle schools as well as young ultimate teams. 


oron nizri

mainly plays on the beach,

focusing on distance.

coaches elementary school kids.

has instructed workshops and

sold discs in um beach, goa.


tomer mazor

has been playing ultimate

for 8 years and coaching for 5.

was part of the 2012 israeli u17

team that took 3rd place in eyuc.

currently playing with the israeli

open team "touchless" and New age. 


elad strassman

has been playing ultimate

for 5 years. started in his

middle school club and then

moved over into the tigers,

where he became captain after

2 years and has participated in the league with them ever since.


guy kofman

has been playing ultimate for 5

years and on the disc-tigers

team for the past 4 years.

started playing in his middle

school and quickly became a leading

player in his age group.

Now coaching for 2 years, the last year being

with the "eagles" from raanana.


ido weinstock

has been playing ultimate

for 6 years. joined the hercules

club in the beginning of his

career and has helped solidify

the presence of fresh ultimate

in the kiryat-ono area ever since.


nevo werner-reis

has been involved in disc sports

since his childhood, playing

ultimate and later coaching

at the ben-gurion university. 

soon enough yuval became involved in

disc-golf and has since became a leader in the field, teaching at wingate and nat holman. 

was part of the team behind the first disc-golf course built in the middle east, in park eshkol, from planning to execution.  

a new member of our team, yuval is building our school's disc-golf brand and expanding fresh ultimate's horizons. 

Disc golf coach 

yuval zmiri

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